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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zach Lorentz

Zach Lorentz - Kitchener Rangers
5'11" - 195 lbs

Lorentz doesn't come without problems. After being drafted in the 2009 Priority Draft by the Rangers and appearing at their rookie camp, Lorentz was sent down to the Jr. B Waterloo Siskins. He refused to appear saying he only wanted to play for the Rangers. He then started skating with the Guelph Hurricanes.

He finally agreed to join the Siskins and appeared in 25 games, scoring 8 times and adding 12 assists. In 11 playoff games he scored twice and added 2 assists. Both his goals were game winners, which shows his knack for scoring timely goals.

Lorentz's greatest asset is his speed. He's an excellent skater, knows where to go on the ice and finds his teammates with his playmaking ability. He has plenty of bulk and could probably stand to use it more. He played very well for the Rangers in the preseason, once again showing his knack for timely goals. However, he will have to convince scouts that the incident last season refusing to report is in the past and will never happen again. Tough to do once it's on your resume.


  1. Zach didn't refuse to play for the Siskins. They didn't call him when he was released by the Rangers. Guelph did however which is why he went there. After having a great first half with the Waterloo midgets, the Siskins did ask him to play, and he was happy and honoured to do so.

  2. Well, I can only go by what i was told. The Rangers had sent Lorentz back to the Siskins and told him to report to their camp (which was already going on). They contacted the Siskins and told them that Lorentz would be reporting. The Rangers had done their job and there was no reason for the Siskins to call Lorentz as he was already suppose to report. He didn't and went on to join the Guelph Hurricanes camp.

    Jeff Hicks of the KW Record did a story on it for his paper. Here are some of the quotes:

    Lorentz declined to show up at Waterloo Siskins camp, saying he only wanted to play for the Rangers.

    Now, Lorentz is skating with the Guelph Hurricanes, formerly the Dominators.

    The Canes aren't sure if they will keep Lorentz.

    I have emailed Siskins GM Regan Stocco, John McGarr from Player Development, and head coach Dean De Silva and all three refused comment on the situation. One actually said to me "you'll have to take that up with Zach."

  3. from what i've seen. zach lorentz is a fine player. he's in top shape and is a steady contributor. this is his second year in "A" and he's already doubled last year's production. this is a kid with huge upside. he still has 2 more years of "junior A" eligibility. i know the rangers consider him a valuable piece right now.

    as for that old tired issue of not reporting to the siskins. i have good solid info that there was a misunderstanding on both sides. period. end of story. so put it to rest. and who really cares anyway? this prospect does his speaking on the ice. he doesn't need to get involved in. or be distracted by. gossip and heresay.