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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Three NHL Experts Do Their Final Mock Drafts

Three of's experts have weighed in and completed their final mock drafts as we approach one month remaining until draft day in Minnesota.

It's unanimous though. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is the consensus number 1 but from there it all changes.

To view Adam Kimelman's mock, click here .

To view Mike Marreale's mock, click here .

To view Steven Hoffner's mock, click here .


  1. what are the chances of leafs trading up in the draft...

    there seems to be alot of attention around mark mcneil

  2. Possible. They have two late firsts to combine that should move them up enough if there is someone they are really targeting.

    Just my opinion, but if I were the Leafs I hold on to both picks and use them. Still bound to get two decent players there.