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Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Mailbag

You've been touting Murphy for a year. Surprised you have him at fourth.

Len - Toronto

It is what it is Len. Landeskog, in my opinion could play in the NHL right now. He has a legit shot at cracking the top 3. Have to love Puempel and Saad's offensive upside. These will obviously change before the draft, but right now its Landeskog by a landslide if you ask me.

Do you cover any of the Junior A players?

No name or location

I just don't have the time. I go to 4 OHL games a week and that is already a tight schedule. I wish i could. Info on the Junior A players is hard to find, but there are some good sites out there.

I don't see anything on Nail Yakupov on your blog.

Corey - Ottawa

Yakupov is not draft eligible until 2012. In my opinion and what i've seen so far, he has to the the front runner to go number 1 right now. The first Russian to do so since ...???

You suck. Why don't you give it up.

Leo - Toronto.

Leo is my most ardent reader and supporter as you can see. Emails me everyday like clock work. Keep reading Leo. Appreciate it very much.

Will you be at the Subway Super Series?

Tom - London

I'll be there Thursday in London. If you are going, send me a note and we'll have a cold one !

A couple of weeks ago I asked you about Jamie Doornbosch of the Kitchener Rangers but haven't heard back. Did you forget?

Jacalyn - Kitchener

Actually no I haven't. I'll have something up this week. Was trying to set up an interview with him to be on the Hockey Prime Time Show. But i promise something this week.

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