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Monday, November 8, 2010

Bruins Fans Want A Draft Watch

Last season, with the Bruins fans owning the Leafs first round draft pick thanks to the Phil Kessel trade, Bruins fans followed the Leafs like never before. Internet chat boards followed every move, every goal, every game, almost as if their lives were at stake.

Plenty followed the Leafs schedule like it was their own team. Every word that came out of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment was dissected and put under a microscope. Leaf Nation became Tank Nation in Boston. The demise of one of the NHL's storied franchises was music to their ears.

And now? They are clamouring for more in Beantown.

My preseason prediction had the Leafs finishing 24th, which would give the Bruins the 7th overall pick. Of course, this doesn't take into consideration the draft lottery. And although things may not be looking to rosey in Toronto right now, i can't and won't change my prediction. I always stand by what i say and don't change mid stream, and if i'm wrong, well then i'm wrong. I'm a firm believer in sticking by what you say.

So now, for Bruins fans, there is a blog to follow the Leafs draft pick slot. Daily updates on where they sit in the standings, who they play against and what games have been completed, and all the links to the news that points to (trouble) in Toronto.

So click here for updates and remember to check back daily for all the up to date info.

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