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Monday, October 25, 2010

Tadeas Galansky

Tadeas Galansky - Saginaw Spirit
6'3 - 185 lbs.

When i was conducting my survey of OHL general managers during training camp, a couple of GM's had voted Galansky as one of the top goalies and a couple of more as one of the top imports. My first reaction was really?

The Czech Republic native has plenty of potential judging from what everyone tells me. The problem in Saginaw is that he wont get a large amount of starts (20 - 25 this year) but in the starts he has had he is posting great OHL numbers.

I was able to catch him in one game this season, on TV albeit. But he has very good size and seems to move well. He has strong positioning and is always square to the shooter. Of course, the North American game brings a lot more traffic for him in front of the net, which is something he may have to work on.

All in all, there are enough OHL GM's that had praise for him, so he's someone I'm going to keep an eye on. Hopefully, NHL scouts will get a chance to see him more because of all the praise he receives.

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