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Monday, October 4, 2010

Landeskog for Captain?

The Chicago Blackhawks made it official today: Jeremy Morin will not be returning to the Kitchener Rangers. Instead, the Hawks have sent him to Rockford of the AHL.

So, with the Rangers still not having named a captain for this season, does this open the door for Gabriel Landeskog? There is still the possibility that Jeff Skinner gets returned to junior by the Carolina Hurricanes, but at this point it looks like he will get at least the 9 games allowed in the NHL. Are the Rangers waiting to see if Skinner is returned?

Landeskog has shown to be a leader. He is an alternate captain now. He is usually the first to come to the aide of a team mate. He is always giving players pats on the bench, talking it up etc. And i can't say i have ever there seen a player that wants to learn as much as Landeskog.

He  would be my choice as captain. No second thoughts about it.

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