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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jonathan Johansson

Jonathan Johansson - Brampton Battalion
6'3" - 185 LBS

Johansson is a very interesting topic when it comes to the draft. He was draft eligible in 2010 but was passed over, even after being ranked 15th in Europeans by Central Scouting and 115th overall by McKeens. Our very own had him ranked 70th. So what happened?

Last season for Frolunda J20 in the Super Elite League he potted 18 goals and 30 points in 31 games.

Here's what  Johan Nilsson of Elite Prospects had to say about Johansson "He is a big guy that is an all-round good player. A strong and smart two-way player with good puck skills and playmaking ability. Team player that plays with an authority and brings some leadership skills too. Skating is the one aspect he has to work the hardest on, although I would not call him slow. Just needs to get those feet going a bit faster. He should be a very good OHL player. Maybe not a scoring machine, but for sure one of the better players on his team and used in all game situations."

Maybe the more visibility he will garner in the OHL this season will attract some attention. If not he has 3 choices, SEL, the KHL or stay with Brampton as an over age player for 1 more season hoping for a final kick at that can known as the NHL.

If i had to guess right now, i'd say Johansson will get drafted this time around, 3rd round or later.

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