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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Danny Elser

Danny Elser - London Knights
5'11" - 171 LBS

The good thing for Elser was that he was able to add 25 pounds to his lanky build of 145 pounds from when he was drafted in the 5th round by the Knights.

Elser is an excellent skater, and possesses very good puck skills. He brings some offensive ability to a team that has struggled offensively for the Knights this preseason, save for Seth Griffith. Many believe he will make a strong bid to play for the USA in the World juniors as well.

Elser works hard both on and off the ice, not shying away from working on the things he needs to. One need look no further than knowing he needed to add a lot of bulk to play in the OHL and did so.

Elser played in all situations for Shattuck St. Marys, but the Knights are strong down the middle so it remains to be seen whether Elser gets any PP time for the Knights.

In an interview with the London Free Press Elser said:

“Not many people (in London) probably know who I am so I have some work to do there,” he said. “One thing (Knights GM) Mark Hunter said to me that stuck was, ‘We win hockey games in London’. I liked that. That’s how Shattuck St. Mary’s is set up — to win hockey games — and that’s something I want to be a part of.”

Elser hates to lose. One thing you can count on, he'll work hard to do his part to ensure the Knights are on the winning side.

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