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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ryan Strome

Ryan Strome wasn't on to many people's radar as a top ten pick coming into the season. We had ranked him 14th coming into the season and it took less than a month for him to reach top ten, and then another month to reach our top 4.

But his ascension up draft charts were happening every where. His high lite reel goals are a YouTube sensation. His play making abilities and scoring touch left him just two points behind Tyler Toffoli and Jason Akeson in the scoring race. It's hard to imagine had he not missed a few games due to injury, that he would have been tied or ahead of both of them.

Strome put up the same points in his draft season as Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin did in theirs. That's not to say that he is the same dynamic player as his predecessors, but you can't argue his offensive ability. His 33 goals ranked tied for 31st in the OHL (Fifth among draft eligibles). His 73 assists ranked third (first among draft eligibles). his 31 power play assists ranked fifth (first among draft eligibles).

His point production dropped slightly in the playoffs, scoring 6 goals and adding 6 assists in 14 games. It wasn't so much the playoffs as it was the Eastern Conference Championship series where he only registered one assist in 5 games against the Mississauga St Mikes Majors. In fact, Strome's teammates were affected as much as he was.

So does this effect Strome's rankings? It's not so much about him as it is others solidifing or improving their positions. Like Tyler Seguin before him, you can't ignore the accomplishments of the season overall. He may have dropped one spot in our eyes, but again, that's more because of what others have done than it is because of what Strome didn't so.

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