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Monday, April 11, 2011

NHL Non Playoff Teams Prepare for Draft Lottery

The 14 non playoff teams in the NHL are set to take part in the draft lottery Tuesday at 8:00 PM. The lottery will be televised in Canada on TSN and on Versus in the US.

The teams in the lottery from 30th to 17th are:

New Jersey
Boston (Via Toronto)
Colorado (Via St Louis)

Five times since the lottery has taken place has the 30th place team held onto the number one pick. The highest seed to move up since the lottery began was in 1999 when Chicago moved from 8th to 4th.

The highest a team can move is 4 spots and nobody can drop more than 1 spot.

The other 16 remaining spots will be determined once the playoffs are complete as playoff finish determines their positioning. They go as follows:

30th - Stanley Cup Champion
29th - Stanley Cup Finalist
28th - Conference finalist with most regular season points
27th - Conference Finalist with least regular season points
26-21st - Regular season division champs from most points to least
20th - 16th - remaining playoff teams from most points to least

If a team form (e.g.) the 20th - 16th spot finishes the playoffs in the Finals or conference finals, then everyone moves up one spot.

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