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Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Mailbag

When are you doing the overall rankings?
Dean - Stratford

I've just gotten them all together and should have them posted this week. Some suprises for sure.

I think you are over critical of Dougie Hamilton.
Stacey - Niagara Falls

I'll admit i was critical over a 2 or 3 games stint that i attended. I've maintained all along that Hamilton will be a first round pick, and still think he will be. I've seen some rankings put him in the top 10. And that was vaulted because of one tournament - the Ivan Hlinka. I just don't think he will be. In 3 consecutive games, i saw him make critical defensive errors that Dougie Hamilton does not usually make. These aren't plays that you would notice on TV and unless you are keying on him, probably wouldn't notice. That said, Dougie will be fine. I just can't put him top 10, but definitely a first rounder.

Lino Martschini does very good yes?
Fabrice - Switzerland

I am presently surprised by Lino. When i saw that he was 5'5", I thought he doesn't stand a chance. But he creates chances for himself and his team mates. And he tries to throw the body around. It will be interesting to see what NHL scouts make of him. He has a strong desire to play in the NHL. Question is, will it be enough? I like underdogs, and i will be rooting for him. Thanks for reading over in Switzerland!

Just want to say thanks for the effort you put into this.
Brett - Boston

Thanks Brett. Very much appreciated.

You don't know what you are talking about and you suck
Leo - Toronto

Thanks Leo ! Two words for you "Jeff Skinner". Last year you attacked me constantly when i was ranking Skinner as a possible top 5 when Central Scouting had him 34th in North America. In fact, i think you sent an email a day with these exact same comments. But i see you keep reading! Good for you. Keep the emails coming.

Can you update me on Alex Aleardi.

Aleardi was off to a tremondous start, from the end of training camp and through the first few games. But he has quieted offensively. He will have to be somewhere between where he is now and where he was those first few games to become a first rounder. In my opinion, he has slipped a little. But he has the talent to pull it all together. It's now a question of wanting it.

Keep the emails coming folks. I will respond to all of them and post them every Monday. Just send me an email to with comments, questions, player info and yes, even the insults.


  1. Just wondering who Murphy's d partner is and who Hamilton has as a d partner?!!!

  2. It changes a lot but Hamilton plays mostly with Jesse Graham (5 on 5) and Murphy plays mostly with Jamie Doornbosch (although its switched a bit the last couple of games)