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Friday, November 5, 2010

Knights vs Rangers

Last night i watched the Rangers lay a thrashing on the London Knights. Final score was 8 - 2. Even the impressive 5 point nights for Ryan Murphy and Jason Akeson weren't hi lites.

The Knights took an early 1-0 lead and that was short lived and over with quickly. They got into penalty trouble and the Rangers capitalized with 5 power play goals.

The hi lite for me was watching 2 Boston Bruins draft picks drop the gloves late in the third. After Tyler Randell put a hit on Jared Knight, Knight retaliated and the two threw fists at each other. Knight ended up receiving an extra 4 minutes in penalties.

One has to wonder if the article that broke in the London free Press about Knights foot being run over by a car in Boston during camp is more serious and if the foot is bothering him on the ice.

The rematch is Sunday afternoon and one thing is for sure, coach Hunter will not be very happy.

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