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Thursday, October 14, 2010

John Chartrand

John Chartrand - Niagara Ice Dogs
6`1 - 175 lbs

The question with Chartrand was `will he get any playing time?"  Well he started last night against the Bulls and I was able to see him play for the first time. I have to admit, i was pretty impressed with what i saw.

Despite allowing 4 goals he was solid. The first goal against was scored on a 5 on 3, the second was when teammate Dougie Hamilton knocked him over and the Bulls scored on an empty net. The fourth was on a screen shot that beat him cleanly from the point.

Chartrand absorbs shots very well with limited rebounds. When he does let out a rebound, it's controlled and he puts it into safe zones. He has excellent lateral movement with good speed going from post to post.  He's solid when the play is in close and takes away the bottom of the net. He could work on being bigger on those plays.

He could also work on fighting to see through bodies to pick up pucks from the point. On the final goal that beat him, he didn't try to look around or over bodies in front of him. He's young and they will work with him on those things. If somehow he were to get enough playing time, Chartrand could become a real sleeper pick in the NHL draft.

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