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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ryan Davidson

Ryan Davidson - Kingston Frontenacs
5'10" - 181 lbs

Size will always be a concern with Davidson, although at 181 pounds, he has some bulk to his 5'10" frame.

Not considered great at one particular thing, he does a lot of the little things well. He will never be a number 1 or number 2 center or a fourth line grinder energy type player, but could be considered a possible third line checker with some scoring ability.

Davidson is a natural defenseman playing center for the Frontenacs this season. When asked who he plays most like in the NHL he replied "Brian Campbell".

Check out this Q & A with Davidson:

Q: Ultimate NHL line. You paired up with? In-between? On a line with?
I would be paired up with Bobby Orr.
Q: If you were not playing hockey, you would be?
If I wasn't playing hockey I would be trying to be successful at another sport.
Q: What are your future goals or aspirations?
My future goal is to play hockey at the highest possible level I can play at for my age, whether it be the OHL or NCAA.
Q: What are three characteristics that make a good Junior Hockey Player?
1. Positive attitude
     2. Determination
     3. Strong work ethic

Davidson certainly has the 3 characteristics to be a good OHL player. But he'll have to raise it to another level to get some good looks from NHL scouts.

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