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Friday, September 10, 2010

My conversation with Ian Pulver re Ryan Murphy

I recently had a conversation with agent Ian Pulver regarding his client and Super d-man Ryan Murphy.

On Murphy being left off of Team Canada: I was there for the final day of camp and Ryan was not only the best defenseman on the ice, but the best player.

On rumors Team Canada coach has personal issues with Ryan: He's a good kid. He's quiet and goes about his business. I haven't heard the rumors but i find it hard to believe.

On Ryan's training this summer: Ryan has stayed in Kitchener all summer to train with Paul Fixter.

On whether Ryan has added any size or bulk over the summer: Ryan has been working hard over the summer. He's over 5'11" now and will play at over 170 pounds this season. (he played last season at 5'11" 160 pounds).

On where he see's Ryan going in the 2011 Draft: No predictions. Ryan is by far the best offensive defenseman in the draft class. He's working hard at the things he needs to improve.

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