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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mika Partanen

Mika Partanen - Mississauga St. Mikes Majors
6'2" - 180 Lbs

An interesting selection here by the Majors in the import draft as Partanen signed a 3 year contract to play in Finland 1 short month before the draft. With a late 92 birthday, he is eligible for the 2011 NHL entry draft.

The big forward could stand to add some muscle and mass to his frame. Partanen has some speed, size, strength despite needing to add some muscle.He can handle the puck at full speed. He protects the puck well and it’s hard to knock him off the puck. He plays simple straightforward hockey and goes hard to the net and excels when jumping into open lanes.

Doesn't create his own scoring chances despite his willingness to go to the dirty areas. He's the typical example of a player that needs a set up man.

If he decides to play in the OHL, he'll come over to a Majors team that won't rely on him heavily for his offense and is an early favorite to win the OHL championship. Not to mention they are the Memorial Cup hosts and what better place is there to showcase yourself.


  1. He's the typical example of a player that needs a set up man.

    I disagree with that he is a good playmaker and makes scoring chances to other players.
    You also said that he has to add mass and muscle.
    He is 6.2 ang wight 198lbs that's perfect size for that type of player

  2. I agree that he needs a set up man. But i didn't say that he creates scoring chances for his teammates. I said he doesn't create his own scoring chances.

    As for adding muscle/mass, muscle is one thing mass is another. Yes he needs to add muscle. But mass as well. Typically, a player his size and the way he plays the game, at the NHL level his ideal playing weight should be around 220. And he can add that when he goes to the gym and starts adding his muscle.

  3. Yes you are right at some points. But i have heard that he has playd in national teams and in Hifk as the set up man for the other players in same line.
    Isnt Partanen only 17? how many 17 years old players weigh around 220? Not many.

  4. He is a very good player,mayby comes someday nhl superstar.