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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Matt Mahalak

Matt Mahalak _ Plymouth Whalers
6'2" - 185 LBS

Could Mahalak follow Jack Campbell and Vault the U.S. into the status of great goaltender developers like Finland and Quebec? There is nothing to indicate that Mahalak won't be fighting it out with Tyson Teichmann as the number one goalie in the OHL (draft eligible). In fact, everything points to it being a very tight race.

"Matt is the top goaltender of his draft class," He’s played well at every level and we expect that to continue next season in Plymouth. Matt is an extremely gifted student who will already be in college next season at just 17 years old. He received a lot of offers from Division 1 programs, but we're pleased that he decided the OHL could provide him the best level of competition while continuing his education.” said Whalers GM Mike Vellucci in a press release after signing Mahalak.

I'll admit that anything i know of Mahalak is what I've learned from someone else or reading, having not seen him personally. But i look forward to seeing him this season when i can, as everyone tells me "He's the real deal."

I thought I'd share a link to a video i found on him. Enjoy !

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