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Friday, September 17, 2010

Andrei Pedan

Andrei Pedan - Guelph Storm
6'4 - 190 LBS

Pedan was a first round pick, 18th overall, in this years KHL Entry Draft. But like some of his other Russian brethren this year, Pedan has no interest in joining Dynamo Moscow for the upcoming season and chose the Guelph Storm of the OHL.

He's not your prototypical Russian defensemen. While he has ability at both ends of the ice, he likes to use his huge frame in a physical game, not something we are use to seeing from Russian defensemen. He is also more than willing to drop the gloves when need be, and he's hard to beat with his long reach.

The 32nd pick in the OHL Import Draft has the ability to be an early 2nd rounder, or maybe even a late 1st rounder in Minnesota in June, but he has yet to show what he can do against better competition, so he could just as easily drop. If he can show early on in the season that he can compete with the best players in his age group, and he sticks to playing to his strengths, he will be a fun player to watch this upcoming season in Guelph.

Unlike some Europeans who come over alone and try to make the adjustment without family in a new country, Pedan is not coming alone. Pedan's father, is sending his own mother to come stay with him. In an interview with the Guelph Tribune, Pedan was asked what he likes best about his grandmother coming to live with him.

“Her potatoes and turkey (dish),” he said with a smile. “It is my favourite.”

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