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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Matt Puempel

Matt Puempel, Peterborough Petes
Puempel won the OHL rookie of the year and lead all rookies in scoring with 33 goals and 31 assists in 59 games.

He’s a strong skater and when he bulks up a little bit, he will be an excellent power forward with natural scoring ability. Fans in Peterborough liken his game to Rick Nash. Watching him a few times this past season, he plays with the same desire and drive that Nash has. The majority of his goals are scored from that area on top of the crease. But he has a good shot and is not afraid to use it.

Watching him play, you can see the enthusiasm he brings to the rink every night. Never taking a night off. He carried the Pete’s offensively most nights and benefited from playing in Peterborough by being put into situations he normally wouldn’t have had as a young rookie.

Puempel will be asked to take on an even larger role with the Pete’s next season. He’ll bring the poise, dedication and desire to succeed with him. He’s already mature beyond his years and has already been handling the media well with a great interview and Bio done with Cogeco TV. If he can add some muscle, and bulk up, he already has all the other attributes; he should easily be one of the higher ranked OHL’ers in the draft.

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